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At Origins Unity LLC Gym Yoga Studio Meditation Center, we offer Holistic MindBody Wellness and Corporate Consulting. We understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why our mission is simple: give clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. Get in touch to get started!

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Corporate Programs

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Group Programs

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Individual Programs

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Corporate Programs

Our Corporate Programs, dedicated to boosting well-being in your workplace across key areas. Click here to download: Guidebook

Empower Your Team with Wellness Programming: Support your organization in reaching their full potential while creating a culture of wellness and improving benefits utilization.

Boost Resilience through Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork: Equip your team to stay calm and manage stress with meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Nurture Well-being with Nutrition and Cold Exposure: Help your team stay vibrant with easy nutrition tips and the benefits of controlled cold exposure.

Unlock Potential through Genetics Testing and Personalized Holistic Health Regiments: Here Discover individual insights and expert advice to optimize well-being based on genetics.

Strong Connections with Mental Health Support Groups: Foster a caring community. Join expert-led support groups for better mental well-being.

Ready to prioritize your team’s well-being? Begin your journey below by joining our Corporate Programs. Let’s create a healthier workplace together.

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Group Programs

Our Group Programs, where well-being becomes a shared adventure across various areas.

Discover Genetics and Optimize Well-being as a Team: Unveil the wonders of genetics and well-being. With expert guidance, let’s fine-tune our lifestyles as a united group, maximizing our potential for better health. Click: here

Stay Active with Fun Fitness, Yoga, and Mindful Movement: Let’s stay active and have a blast together! Embrace personalized fitness plans, soothing yoga, and enjoyable movements that make well-being a group activity.

Find Inner Peace through Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork: Dive into the world of calmness with meditation and mindfulness. Learn to conquer stress as a team using simple and effective breathwork techniques.

Nourish Together with Nutrition and Cold Exposure: Let’s boost our vitality as a group! Explore personalized nutrition guidance and the refreshing perks of controlled cold exposure, creating a shared journey to wellness.

Build Supportive Bonds in Mental Health Groups: Together, we thrive. Join our support groups, led by caring professionals, and nurture our mental well-being as a close-knit community.

Ready to embark on a journey to well-being as a group? Take the first step below and join our Group Programs. Let’s make well-being an adventure we all share!

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Individual Programs

Our INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS, carefully crafted to boost your overall well-being across eight key areas.

Explore Your Genetics and Optimize Your Biology: Unlock insights into your unique genetic makeup and receive expert advice on fine-tuning your lifestyle for better health. Click: here

Stay Active with Fitness, Yoga, and Movement: Join us to improve your physical health through personalized fitness plans, soothing yoga, and easy movement exercises.

Calm Your Mind with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork: Discover tranquility through meditation and mindfulness. Cultivate a positive mindset and conquer stress with calming breathwork techniques.

Nourish Your Body with Nutrition and Cold Exposure: Enjoy tailored nutrition guidance and explore the benefits of controlled cold exposure for increased vitality.

Connect and Share in Mental Health Support Groups: Be part of a caring community. Join our support groups led by experts to enhance your mental well-being.

Ready to embark on this journey to a healthier you? Take the first step by clicking below and joining our INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMS now!

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We are Holistic Health and Wellness Coach/Corporate Consultant Group as well as Mental Health Advocates. Our services are for individuals, groups, and companies.

Origins Unity LLC Gym Yoga Studio Meditation Center

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